Yan is a boy with low cognitive abilities, so do his parents. In all framework of education in which he was studying before his arrival in the village, Yan was a victim, very often isolated and did not find his place in any other education systems.
When the therapist introduced him to the possibility of treatment by rats, Yan connected with them enjoying the fact that they are small and approaching at him. A rat is an animal that does not run away from the patient and thus it allows the therapist ‘in the treatment room to highlight the vast knowledge Yan has in treating rats.

While outside Yan feels diminished and weak in front of the world, inside the treatment room Yan feels strong and capable.
In addition, Yan is treated in the outdoor living space in the zoological center; the treatment revolves around feeding the farm animals.
Yan has an expression problem in the textual and linguistic ability and therefore, through feeding Yan leads those who take care of how the feeding should be done. He is the one who decides how they will perform the feeding. In fact Yan manages the others and thus succeeds in combining independence and communication with the others assisting the pets.
This year Yan is an 11th grade student, advances in his studies at school and is very active in the boarding school activity and other events.

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